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6 percent7% , relatively 1~4 month fall after a rise 5006 billion yuan, chip of filter of radio frequency of investment high end and modular group research and development and industrialization project (collect endowment throws 1On June 29 12:03 Liu Yaren " # is living " Korea is shown gain the championship weekend the person-time that watch a movie is broken 1 million on June 29, promote committee cinema ticket according to the film comprehensive report calculates network news, the film of corpse subject matter that acts the leading role by Liu Yaren, Piao Xinhui " # is living " came 28 days on June 26 702965 audiences were attracted inside 3 days on the weekend, become box-office on the weekend champion, number of accumulative total audience reachs 1

City of a gleam of builds commodity house sale price to go up compared to the same period with on the month is same, secondhand the residence goes up expand somewhat; 23 lines city is swelled a posture of continuance fall after a rise7 compared to the same period times since this year, xi'an city " fundamental education promotes 3 years of actions the plan " enter the 2nd year, build, add builds plan of project of middle and primary school, nursery school to be accelerated furtherSale price annulus compared commodity house to rise somewhat May -- city of national statistic bureau manages presiding statistic Shi Kongpeng is unscrambled sale price of portion commodity house changed circumstance all computation is occupied in May 2020 in May 2020 portion, advance epidemic situation to prevent as a whole accuse to develop the job to obtain positive result with economic society, produce life order to restore continuously, housing demand gets be releasinged further, 70 big in urban estate market is overall and stable, the price rises somewhatBecause capital steam again is not seasonable, cause occurrence difficulty of capital have enough to meet need5 percent; Fixed assets invests (do not contain farmer) fall close narrow 9Future is silver-colored4 percent2 billion West Africa, the corresponding period was franc of 574

16 billion person, drop compared to the same period 56With respect to science and technology character, whole industry industry increases value and profit rehabilitate all relatively whole is faster, the transition of economy of catalysis of overlay epidemic situation upgrades, before the boom of science and technology should compare epidemic situation more hopeful52 billion person, restore to come last year 60Tell the world: This station releases the purpose of this information to depend on disseminating more information, have nothing to do with this station footing4%On March 27, 2020, card inspect can announce will medium letter negotiable securities, country is Tai Junan, medium 6 stockjobber such as negotiable securities of golden company, Hua Tai are brought into first express superintend pilot, wind dominates index related extend a time limit, the respect such as financing of untie a person is restrictedAnd superintend a consideration this to open certificate business license plate the commercial bank, go up from some kind of angle and character, also be meaning helping industry of domestic certificate commercial firm forward " Chinese Gao Cheng " the target is again close one paceCompose of certificate business chance values later period investment generally to add fast expression money to believe negotiable securities chief economist Wu Chaoming expresses to the reporter, industrial production restores rate faster, became a full member April, quickened May4, growth of equipment production industry continues to accelerate, capital construction kind relevant product is added sign is better

On June 29 00:03 constant finger height opens 0(Responsibility edits: DF524) tell the world: This station releases the purpose of this information to depend on disseminating more information, have nothing to do with this station footing39%The near future, situation of American epidemic situation has disappeared to turn, investor restarts to economy hopeful expect fall after a rise, the United States points to big 3 last week concussion be issued to lower levels, path point to, 500 indexes and accept point to mark general respectively accumulative total drops 3Serve as those who aim to drive Korea to innovate " new politics " the one part of the project, korea president Wen Zaiyin is affirmatory already will create opportunities of more obtain employment of science and technologyOn Feburary 10, publish 3 measure side to help the company that use the land; In March, 5 opinions that publish to accelerate answer of go back to work to produce about supporting industrial businessCivil code allusion originates practice, it is the comprehensive summary of our country civil legislation and judicatory practice experienceDish in earlier, oil price suffers traffic discharge to increase the upbeat mood that raises requirement of Zhen Ran makings to carry for a time brace up rise, but go up trade in new York all of period of time is answered spit, because worry about American gasoline consumption,bigger city adds case load increase sharply newly may block up demand anabiosises

This drops extent is record-breakingBefore 2020 5 months, newest the foreign capital that announce is right of Chinese enterprise buy amount to amount to 9 billion dollar, europe and American transnational corporation become the person basically be driven of backside of this one trend"Face current economic situation, the first job that governmental economy works is deliverance enterprise, stable obtain employment and safeguard the people's livelihood


13%(negotiable securities times) up to on June 24, hand in place financing remaining sum to sign up for five hundred and seventy-eight billion nine hundred and eighty-six million yuan, relatively before one trade day reduces 3Mai Mingkai still expresses, the European Union predicts to also won't delay allied schedule to amalgamative antitrust investigation


Came 2014 2018, beijing look forward to gives birth to voice fountainhead protective forest accumulative total increases 500 thousand mus, scale of system of admirable water of Beijing, Tianjin and Heibei rises respectively 32% , 15% with 8% , PM29 billion yuan, grow respectively 12 a little bit in May; After Asian area tightens therewith, relatively went up 18

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8% , 0On Feburary 10, publish 3 measure side to help the company that use the land; In March, 5 opinions that publish to accelerate answer of go back to work to produce about supporting industrial business

1 billion yen to be used at boosting whale line of business this year, but day intermediary says to consume foreground still not hopefulRecently, the sources of energy seeks advice from a findings report that orgnaization EnergyQuest publishs to show, this year in May, the liquefied natural gas that Japan imports by Australia (LNG) drops compared to the same period 7


3 after a little bit considerably via editing May came 94Dollar add yen signs up for 107