Dweller respect, the estate in asset of our country dweller was occupied 2018 than for 70% , firm closes kind occupy than 27% , stock and fund configuration scale are only 3% , and real estate of configuration of dweller of United States of the corresponding period, firm closes kind, the scale of stock and fund is 27% , 40% , 33% , as our country population aged, landed investment attribute is changed infirmly, configuration of prospective dweller asset will turn to a stock from real estate


The limit of monetary policy is tightened up and guide capital interest rate to rise, be not stem from go lever, guide capital interest rate to go up however frame of corridor of recursive interest rate, be helpful for stabilizing capital interest rate, strengthen the adjusting control of pair of capital interest rate


To A with harbor market opportunity, we are valued " new economy "

What it brings is structural sex, chinese house price won't appear to drop large-scaly, have our bottom line thinking, because the city uses strategy, still M2 fast growth serves as supportMain reason remains global Central Bank to turn on the water the low interest rate that cause and liquidity are ample, add business relation and dollar to go soft, gold price appears climb litre

This piece the report tries to be outside traditional style frame, combine each industry head to quicken this one phenomenon centrally, offer new style perspective3, the anticipation that money and finance exceed us financial data is little in May, local government debt exceeds anticipate issueing is backside advocate because of

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  • But be in longer in, those who need attention is, what enter rental room market and policy sex to rent a house ceaselessly as more building is ceaseless enter town, building hire future may is faced with go up immobile problemMeanwhile, financing remaining sum increased 63

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  • 3) looks from fund of stock of main economy system, develop market good Yu Xinxing, the United States, Japan is flowed into completely, but relatively all older rate closes last week narrow, and rising market still is in in be being poured out of generally completely2% , reduce accordingly 2020 1

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  • On June 25 15:33 action Shang Hong watchs Xie Yaxuan: Current China still has the relative advantage that attracts capital to flow into abroad in June fluidity is overall and talk is loose, cross improvement of condition of area capital flowIn difference of the rich and the poor bigger case falls, exceed the money of hair to shift litre of asset more easily kind the price of commodity, push litre of common consumable price very hard however

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  • 1For instance the sales volume of whole automobile industry is in what drop, but the sales volume of luxurious car maintains however growing

He thinks, the reform of the system that retreat city special also be necessaryDuring epidemic situation, the Central Bank carries open market all sorts of tool infuse capital, DR007 interest rate ever was achieved for a time 0Text 1, fluidity is comfortable turn whole world of litre of venture asset value extensive fluidity is comfortable push litre of venture capital price

Secondly, can exterior concussion make orgnaization " embrace a group " disband? 2003 up to now, orgnaization investor is experienced 6 rounds roughly or stagger embraces a group, hold group board in the arms among them piece be disbanded 4 times and switch, germ all is board piece nature of main area occurrence root changes: 1)2004 year cycle holds a group in the arms to disband result from of commodity ox city terminative; Real estate of 2)2009 annuity be in harmony holds a group in the arms to disband result from problem of bad Zhang of macroscopical be issued to lower levels, bank is highlighted; 3)2014 year consumption holds a group in the arms to disband result from liquor boom be issued to lower levels was mixed 2012 the four seasons spent financial transaction 2014; 4)2015 year science and technology holds a group in the arms to disband result from capital market system is tightened upChina is in now main answer produce, if will look according to our index, basically the position that 2 quarters regain likely to growing, and system of other a lot of economy resemble developing the market, 2 quarters still should be a very deep negative growth, the concussion of epidemic situation should 2 quarters are met special concentration, 3 quarters can restore to growing still is an interrogationThe fault of strength of ② occurrence policy and economic form matchs, below the circumstance that improves considerably continuously in economic data for instance, policy still does not have contractive intent

In the past 50 years, of gold go up it is banner at other kind assetBelow ★ exterior concussion, embrace a group is a performance better poorer still? 1) fights drop level: Concussion is earlier, yu Feng of orgnaization investor deflection is low add a storehouse, embrace a group often fight relatively dropRisk of exterior epidemic situation is not market risk possibly to the main effect of debt city preference and avoid danger mood, but difference of current and Sino-US benefit is in the history near high point, foreign capital may become influence bond market to configure the main factor of interest rate for a long time again

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