Compere: Such before

Compere: OhAmerican government is adopting all sorts of important step to try to avoid more severe case to happenIn the meantime, 1 trillion yuan of special national debt will be in will issue before the bottom in July end, respect of debt of common national debt, place still also has not little supply pressure, in short-term inside or form greater fluidity to absorb pressure to area of bank system capitalIn the meantime, government of world each country also is in it seems that short-term inside offer strong support and economy to stimulate measureOf course, the domestic number of afore-mentioned banks distributings come by bank measure, but if press total assets to observe, of distributinging graph " the peak is spent " taller, it is more scale are centered at 0Euramerican stock market particularly hot, everybody feels beautiful to the level of Chu Fang money is like couplet to cannot use flood flooding, have even say seismic sea waveBao power Er ever pointed out balance sheet dimensions cannot infinite dilate, and yield curve control may be put in the effect that reduces asset to buy an amount, because this is follow-up,yield curve is controlled or become beautiful couplet store the likelihood chooses

Because this suggests to accelerate oil to lay in mechanism reform, unlock the limitation that lays in to commercial oil, quicken the pace that relevant infrastructure builds, for China long-term oil safety provides safeguardGuo Chenghua: Additionally we point out again a bit, two meetings just ended the throughout the country MayCurrent, beijing is being built in progressively compose exceed big city effectively to administer a system, network seeing and hearing has real time to touch the advantage that amounts to terminal, it is to solve " last kilometer " effective tool

The expert thinks, fluidity can be not tightened up considerably abruptly, release fluidity to still have a space next through falling to wait for a method definitely4% , can the scale that development of cipher out estate invests formation fixed capital to form amount to occupy defray law GDP is stabler, it is on average 6Compere: Thank everybody very much watch, we fall period program good-bye! (article origin: Finance and economics grinds read a research center) (responsibility edits: DF506) tell the world: This station releases the purpose of this information to depend on disseminating more information, have nothing to do with this station footingCompere: What is the circumstance before a few years probably what kind of? Guo Chenghua: What use before is not much, again forth we say, central bank loan actually it compares a tradition, compare main tool, but as economy development has increasing new case appearsCompere: FavourGuo Chenghua: This is a very good theme, apropos yesterday evening, namely home today (on June 11) before dawn, beautiful couplet store announced new interest rate resolution, keep interest rate changeless, but move to economy at the same time made forecast newly, next the tools of a few a few monetary policy that carrying out at present, a few measure, want to continue to carry out, restore till economy, till economic stability, and target of its inflation, obtain employment comes true, so these main subjects if we have an opportunity to be able to sit be shared together with everybody again


2019, remaining sum of loan of national battalion business exceeds 40 trillion yuan in, if the loan of civilian look forward to of 10% evolves into bad assets, mean bad assets to add 4 trillion yuan newly; And end is whole 2019 bad assets remaining sum controls bank system 3 trillion yuan only, the remaining sum that move equipment is close 6 trillion yuanGuo Chenghua: This changeover works to undertaking at present, the requirement according to the Central Bank is to should be in will end before the bottom in AugustGain momentum as economy, asset value often can be followed over raise

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    The 2nd, firm the people's livelihoodNevertheless, we are current and principal the safety that of attention still is employee, and the help invests combination in us medium business spends this one difficult period smoothlyNowadays, broadcasting television of be well versed in and network seeing and hearing, begin sound of mainstream of entire media transmission, enlarge, more and more become consensus

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    7% is occupied comparing is Home 69%(number is occupied comparing is 60%) , they can become the main force that yields benefit (see figure below1Guo Chenghua: Yes, its cent is

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  • Compere: Very close on June 1 very close? Guo Chenghua: Yes

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    1% above, 10 years of long end period national debt yield relatively end rose in May nearly 20 base point"Pi Zhi is not put, wool will add Yan " the truth is not difficult, let benefit just receive bit of interest less, and if the enterprise is managed,go bankrupt, so capital of bank general loss, advantages and disadvantages is not so difficult balanceThe first ten days of a month in May, market liquidity is relatively comfortable, interest rate of market of the previous night moves in 1% lower part for a time, fault of financial orgnaization deadline deserves to trade grow in quantity, capital occurrence idling is mixed solid the tendency to empty

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    Guo Chenghua: YesIn fall to anticipate definitely last weekend come to nothing, this period LPR " not throw the troops into battle " below setting, whether does the market change existence to misgive to monetary policy" Wang Qing expresses

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    To support economy, chinese Central Bank began an operation 3 times again this yearCompere: Be still some? Guo Chenghua: Because we a moment ago introduced the monetary policy tool that is the standing inside kit of Central Bank money, but besides the tool besides these standing, chinese Central Bank still can move according to economy in, or the market moves in specific issue, adopt those who have specific aim temporarily measureThe 4th, necessary when China can undertake finance is made instead

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    About open market operation, we visit the 4th operation again, make show certificate to tradeDrive include state-owend enterprise reform, element market reform to wait for a series of commercializing to reform, exert oneself passes medium income crowd times added kind, breed and release inside need, in be Chinese economy, long-term development provides powerSince epidemic situation happening, the new job condition such as the classroom on the line, long-range medical treatment, online office grows quickly, "Direct seeding takes money " etc unusually fervent, on the net that help strength retail accelerate development, spurt of Chinese number economy gives out abundant vigor

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