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2015 after calamity, company be in harmony is added compared to the same period fast with complete A index expression is the same as tropism remarkable, report gives the stock market below wide credence environment performance is relatively positive, and below close credence environment (be like 2018) , the stock market behaves relatively weak forceWe think these companies of the choice are among a such general trends, it belongs to up impetus, namely the growth ceiling that it did not come to is enough tallThe risk hints 1, macroscopical economy exceeds anticipate wave motion; 2, abroad super- anticipate wave motionUp to on June 23 closing quotation, division achieve board remaining sum of two be in harmony seventeen billion one hundred and four million yuan, relatively on period on June 18 dish after 158If illuminate this trend development to go down, india is benefited very likely from which reallyNext, feburary 2016 - appeared to be as long as between January 2018 the bovine city of 24 months, go up for 33%2009 2 quarters, financial real estate holds a group in the arms to disbandThis week division is achieved board assembly pays the specified amount 91

★ from A angle of development of section chief period looks, current " the orgnaization embraces a group " be not the past " the orgnaization embraces a group " , a capital of a batch of high grade core shows itself, make QE period " not for sale "167 billion yuanNo matter there is how many money in bank system,we won't see inflation, and inflation won't see in a lot of yearsCore conclusion (1) the mission that 5 old strategies locate area of big bay of HongKong and Macow of clear map another name for Guangdong Province leads high quality development with innovation of science and technology, consolidate at the same time " one nation " and " one belt all the way " strategic fulcrum action9% minutes digitMetaphase signal is progressively and clear, but still want advertent risk to disturbThese new hair fund all can have in the future stronger enter apiration, become prospective market to take strong increment fund, the city after suggesting everybody wants to be opposite goes situation is more confident

So I guess, once these people had,income can raise depositFall relative to abundant circumstance in fluidity especially, operation of current monetary policy needs to have fund of keep within limits " the idling is covered

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" the investment opportunity that value of investment of car of science and technology, medicine, new energy resources highlights field of refer A stock market, wang Keyu expresses, domestic and international epidemic situation moves to cause bigger impact with money market to economy since this year, return to normal gradually as prospective economy activity, a few companies reduced management loss in the quick response when facing epidemic situation to pound, some captures an opportunity to develop business even, ability of business management of enterprise gets bigger promotion, predict management state can restore considerably and this kind of company did not growHeat up a respect, this week is supplied increase, hold except northeast and Hua Na firm, huadong and Hua Na reduce an amount, the others area somewhat increase production; In light of cent province, sichuan and Heibei are province of main increase production, it is PG and CZZT on behalf of example, main reason depends on furnace condition restoring, and rolling mill answer is produced

The research that carries long-term unremitting only tries hard, build those who specialization to cast grind group, creation surmounts the investment redound of the market for a long time, in just can competing, ceaseless development expands2) abroad epidemic situation erupts 2 times

Resemble Tecent for instance, small letter is ability began 2011 slowly all-pervadingIn the meantime, the debt load that accumulates during epidemic situation is made individual and business are vigorous answer of go back to work is produced increase income, but control is consumed and also can invest with repair balance sheet

Secondly, our country is in industrial structure to upgrade adjustment period, of capital market and industrial policy give aid to energetically under, science and technology growing attribute still relatively apparent, whole industry will be in boom to go up in quite long stage periodic(Chinese negotiable securities signs up for) the bank that start line of business is presiding negotiable securities of economist, Hua Fu is presiding economist Lu Zheng appoint when accepting Chinese negotiable securities to sign up for reporter special interview recently, express, perfective housing demand is released wait for an element to drive get warm again after a cold spell of market of near future estate

  1. The enterprise makes public collect first (when IPO) quotes, accomplish lose excessive value appropriately, do the surveyor's pole that reasonable price regulation drafts when IPO fortunately, the net value wave motion that also is helpful for follow-up product manages

    (3)IMF reduces global economy growth to anticipate: Near future IMF reduced what global GDP grew 2020 to anticipate once more, predict global GDP will be atrophic this year 4[smooth old negotiable securities: The follow-up of rehabilitate of value of estimate of monetary drive market that finish pays close attention to gain to improve] smooth old negotiable securities points out, to A, current A stock market is worth / M2 is located in 54Can you have common consumable rise in price? The big trend that still should see macroscopical economy how" suit market demand above all, the main area structure that the company appears on the market inside exponential composition is the crucial factor that influence index behaves for a long time, will division achieve board the stock is brought into on card put together points to example space, be go up to having the important complement that card put together points toexisting tool, commercialized incentive mechanism may need to examine in practice and be perfectedBe versed in division of innovation of silver-colored science and technology, wide hair is achieved among them theme and in Jin Ke achieves thematic dimensions to lead, it is 1

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      In the turning point of market of estate of each rounds of our country, land auctioned the market to rise to lead actionInsurgent news: It which processing rises is more intractable that which processing rises? Repair balance sheet is more difficult, is the crisis that should still bring to epidemic situation more difficult? Gu Chaoming: We still do not know when to just can restore from inside epidemic situationOriginal title: Dialog " rising market is patristic " mark · Mai Piao thinks of: the oldest warehouse stay in China, prospective 10-20 year Chinese opportunity expands continuously [rising market is patristic: the oldest warehouse stay in Chinese A " Xiong Chang of bovine weak point " it is illusive] Mai Piao of 83 years old is thought of be encircled to call by investment " rising market is patristic " , his at present oldest warehouse be in China, value Chinese future 10 years to develop prospect to economy of 20 years

      • When we do not think to have huge risk, our storehouse can maintain comparing high level

        Chinese negotiable securities signs up for: In the capital market that perfects with each passing day in the system, is fund company in idea of change of what respect need? Yang Kun: As mutiple level of capital market build and what capital market system builds is perfect, fund company is in the process that shares capital market, will mainer ground is reflected for group dominant position and intellective advantage" red weekly " : Configuration of your this kind of asset is to come from economic cycle to forecast, other still? Mai Piao thinks of: You always must forecast economic cycle, because the stock market is met by these dynamic drawing0%8%

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        3%This should cause all of us to take seriously on one hand, because the consumption of this kind of become divided to us is adverse, brought certain difficulty to our economic structural adjustmentThe trend that says burgeoning industry rises so is very clear still, if want to do resource configuration, I feel or match burgeoning industry, because we do not eliminate to be able to not produce decline, risk of meeting occurrence systematization, but the growing sex of burgeoning industry, it can enclothe what place of risk of this kind of systematization brings to glide4%

  2. (article origin: The Yangtse River is politic) (responsibility edits: DF064) tell the world: This station releases the purpose of this information to depend on disseminating more information, have nothing to do with this station footing

    Year income is in 35, 000 to 75, the people between 000 dollars is in after receiving income subsidy, the stock trades a week before the quantity is compared increased 90% ; Year income is in 100, 000 dollars come 150, of the American between 000 dollars trade the quantity increased 82% ; And income exceeds 150, of the American of 000 dollars trade frequency increased about 50%The 3rd reason is A the orgnaization of investor structure is changed and internationalizationFor instance, we are beautiful to resembling today round, go all out great, tremble sound the acknowledge of such enterprises and discuss, they have the company of pattern, this is the issue that we need to discussFrom on card put together shows at present the industry is formed in light of, finance, hand in the traditional periodic industry such as carry, chemical industry, excavate to occupy taller, and the new economy industry of the direction of transition of structure of delegate China economy such as consumption, medicine, science and technology is occupied than relatively inferior, make with hardware of semiconductor, science and technology, Internet, software, high end especially wait for the industry of science and technology that is a delegate, occupy than be in under these industries apparently the proportion in national economy is mixed position

  3. And, if the Central Bank is not to guide capital interest rate to go toward lower center further, why should be that done reduce super- store lead a such operations? Some people think this is Central Bank wide credence, want to let a bank increase pair of substance to support strength, accelerate put borrowed performance

    9%7 trillion, dimensions of be in harmony of company of new line of action is made an appointment with 2Wheat Piao Sai points out, card put together points to A on the index shows, in December 2015 - Xiong Fu appears between Feburary 2016, the index falls amount to 26% , but Xiong Fu lasted 3 months onlyThe four seasons was spent last year, I establish letter company to chat in Sweden and love, they say, "2005 China the city that to moved us headquarters is in, another office was established by us, begin service our employee


So, look into second half of the year, although abroad still put in a lot of uncertainty (Sino-US relation, epidemic situation relapses, the) such as battle of science and technology, but to A, we still maintain a relatively positive attitude, appear similar 18 years of ceaseless innovation are low the possibility with the value that reduce estimate is lesser5, in June, the country such as Korea, Thailand, Indonesian, south Africa, Russia, Brazil, Icelandic, Norwegian, Wukelan, Turkey, Czech, Vietnam continues to move fell policy interest rate; Discussed in June breath on the meeting, beautiful couplet store express, to support credit homeward front courtyard and enterprise flow, beautiful couplet store will be in future inside a few months, add with current rate at least hold American national debt and MBS, move smoothly in order to keep the market, promote monetary policy to be conducted effectively of the environment to more extensive finance thereby

Ever since Chu Xuan cloth starts beautiful on June 15 couplet " people borrowing plan " and buy individual company bond through tool of credit of firm of 2 class market in order to support fluiditySubsequently, arrive from January 2019 in April, only the bovine city of 3 months rose 30%