[canal of the capital after borrowing accuses branch of Hangzhou of lax smooth big bank to be punished 400 thousand] according to Chinese silver Zhejiang of the meeting that keep watch superintends bureau website announcement, because borrow hind capital canal accuses lax, branch of Hangzhou of smooth big bank is punished 400 thousandOdd endowment money will use 170 million yuan collect at repaying bank loanAccording to promoting branch of trade bank Zhengzhou to trade relevant controller introduces bank department, rate of the bank that start line of business is rolled out in home first " wisdom medical treatment " solution, in the mobile phone through cloud computation technology end undertakes medical treatment serves assisting, before offerring perforative examine for the patient, examine is the whole technological process after medium, examine, one-stop intelligent diagnosis and treatment serves, in avoiding patient process seeing a doctor " difficult " and " numerous "On June 29 11:4Concept of 0 lung ventilator board piece go against city to walk along strong Davy medical treatment to wait go up even more 2% early now dish, lung ventilator concept board piece go against city to go strong, distribute news dispatches up to the reporter (10:30) , board piece whole goes up amount to 028 days, "Kai armour knight " release " many 40 partner and employee real name inform against Kai flower network " accuse, the operation it may be said that Kai flower currently holds the post ofpresident Jin Feng is " eat a person not to spit bone "

beijingtoday (on June 29) , beijing market superintendency bureau is released " the executive opinion that fulfils about carrying out " , from inside market admittance, thing after the event is superintended, service of mass promotion, government affairs, legal system ensures 5 respects to raise 28 moveof industry of Shandong sun paper is elected as industry of Shandong province papermaking once more " 10 strong companies "Nearly 3 years, digital printing maintains rapid development, the bad news material such as the promotion as equipment stability and printing efficiency and ink uses the fall of cost, digital printing is right of means of traditional revenue stamp replace quicken graduallyDuring managing, chu Mou east arrangement person uses fill and level up of broken bits earth outdoor repast position, make business shop manages usable floor area to decrease, xiaoyu puts forward to reduce hire, both sides produces issue at this point